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« Cet accompagnement a été un véritable déclic et m’a permis de reprendre le contrôle de ma vie et de la modeler à la hauteur de mes attentes.Stéphanie a été le catalyseur discret de mon projet au moyen d’ outils concrets et efficaces mais aussi grâce a son écoute et sa neutralité.Je suis aujourd’hui beaucoup plus sereine dans mes choix et mes décisions de vie et il n’est pas un jour sans que je ne me serve de ce que j ai découvert auprès de Stéphanie.  » Emmanuelle

« Through coaching, Stephanie helped me to prioritize, clarify & set into action a plan to help me journey down a path that would inevitably direct me towards my desired goals.She helps to facilitate thinking & learning new behavior in order to achieve personal growth and or professional advancement.Stephanie provides a means for looking at your life in it’s true nature, determining what’s holding you back and most importantly, what you need to do in order to move forward. She is able to define the gap between where you are and where you want to be through various techniques all within a calm, safe, non-judgmental environment.I have been able to peel away the layers of doubt, fear and confusion that have been holding me back from not only achieving my goals but also the manner in which I have perceived my life for so many years. Coaching is a very constructive tool for anyone who desires to live their life to the fullest and to be the person that they are meant to be. For every negative that you purge, there is a positive waiting to fill you up and lead you to your purpose. » Jennie

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