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"Place Your Bets!" is designed to help you better succeed your professional expatriation.

What do you expect this professional mission? Why not take advantage of this expatriation to achieve professional goals you have been dreaming of? How can you develop your skills and knowledge? How to acquire new ones?

A first session of 90 minutes to establish a complete diagnosis of your expatriation since your arrival.
Of this first meeting will ensue:
- Your objectives: Expatrielles will accompany you to define them and will ensure that your ethics is respected before validating them;
- your personalized accompanying program submitted by Expatrielles and validated by mutual agreement.

Expatrielles is at your entire disposal between every session via an unlimited interaction by e-mail during all the duration of your accompaniment.

A number of sessions (60 minutes each) will be submitted to you during a first meeting. These sessions will allow you to reach your professional goals step by step.

Between each session, Expatrielles provides you resources and tools conceived to help you to make a success of your mission or to define your project step by step.

A last session of 90 minutes in order to make sure of the achievement of your objectives and of the long-lasting profits of your accompaniment to validate your autonomy.

Option: 5 intercultural workshops (duration: 60 minutes) combining theory and practice, targeted at themes which will allow you to work effectively in a multicultural environment: the Russian culture, the impact of the Russian culture on the style of management and the organizations, the communication, the cooperation and the motivation within a team, the negotiation.
Other countries, in the Eastern Europe, will be available from September 2015.

Whether you are seeking more information or simply want to ask me a question, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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