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Overall approach

Expatrielles provides plural coaching for expatriated women: personalised supervision and intercultural training complement each other to help women turn their expatriation experience into a successful one. All Expatrielles coaching sessions rely on the same 4 pillars and values: personalisation, confidentiality, autonomy, and intercultural resources.


Each coaching experience is unique and based on the individual’s own history and personality. This customization helps reveal the expatriation expectations unique to each individual, right from the start of the process. We will draw adapted and realistic objectives from these expectations, and try to achieve them through coaching.


Our exchanges are entirely confidential. This confidentiality should help instigate a climate of complete trust and maximize the reach and efficacy of the coaching process.


Expatrielles offers coaching that values autonomy. The number of meetings included in each package corresponds to Expatrielles’ will to make every effort in helping clients achieve complete autonomy within a given and agreed timeframe.


Expatrielles offers coaching that values autonomy and is based on various resources that will be available to you during and between coaching sessions. These resources, specifically designed to coach expatriate women in Russia, gather all of Expatrielles’ knowledge and know-how. They will be equally useful to you prior, during, and after your coaching. However, they will remain Expatrielles’ exclusive property at all times.

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